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Powerful AI based profit analytics for eCommerce

Using AI and custom tools, Profit X helps business owners make savvy decisions in a quickly moving world.
Best of all, we don’t use, share, or sell your data. Ever.

Featured on The Shopify AppStore

Featured on The Shopify AppStore

A dream come true!
Straight forward, user friendly, safe.

We run eCommerce brands ourselves! We built exactly what we would want in an app, and continue to optimize and create custom solutions for clients every day.

Currency Conversion

Multi-channel currency conversion

We’re in a global economy. We here at Profit X understand that and want to provide you the tools you need to succeed as a business owner. We convert currencies to a currency of your choice and update you daily on global happenings.

Run your business on the go

Our mobile app helps business owners keep dibs on their business at all times. In a fast-paced world, we know how important it is to stay one step ahead.

Order by order profit analysis after all expenses.

We break it down for you so that you don’t have to.


Run profitable campaigns

Running profitable ads and campaigns is vital to the success of a business. Profit X helps business owners better understand which products, ads, and decisions yield the best results every day


True Profit & LTV In Real Time

We built everything under one dashboard and send alerts on metrics daily. You’ll know your business better than ever before.

Getting started is easy

Shopify Account

Connect your accounts

Connect your storefronts, ad accounts, and shipping providers to OrderMetrics, to get started with a couple of clicks.

Costs structure

Set up your cost structure

Add your COGS, shipping & transactions fees, and any other special costs
to be included.

Profit Analytics


Easily manage your profit analytics and start making improvements.





  • Revenue
  • Orders
  • Conversion Rate



All Dashboard features + amount calculated based on usage

  • Under $20k – $49
  • $20k to $80k – $79
  • $80k to $150k – $129
  • $150k to $300k – $199
  • $300k to $500k – $299
  • $1M – $2M – $349
  • $2M+ – Enterprise